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Travel ban

Travel ban

The terms “travel ban” and “deportation” are often used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and can refer to actions taken as a result of criminal activity, violations of immigration regulations, unpaid debts, or as part of a civil lawsuit. While the diversity of the expat population benefits the UAE’s many industries greatly in terms of economic development, it also raises the possibility of non-citizens (residents) leaving the nation to escape any legal liabilities. Therefore, the UAE government puts a travel ban on residents in certain situations as a security measure. Here is how you may determine whether the UAE has lifted its travel ban in Dubai and other emirates if it is an issue of concern when you are trying to enter or leave the nation.

If you suspect that there may exist a travel ban against you, it is always best to verify the status of UAE immigration to avoid any unpleasant scenarios afterwards.

There are several grounds for a travel ban, the most common grounds are;

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Overstaying beyond the time period specified in your visa/permit
  • Unpaid financial debts
  • Rental disputes
  • Violation of immigration laws

There are a few ways a resident can check on their immigration status and whether a travel ban exists against them. Primarily, a resident can check the status of their travel ban status through Dubai Police. This can be done by visiting the police station, in person, and inquiring whether any criminal complaints have been filed against them in any financial cases. Alternatively, it can also be done through the website of the Dubai Police whereby, the steps are well outlined. For residents of Abu Dhabi, it can be done by using the Estafser e-service to check if there exists any cases against them in the public prosecution.

Furthermore, it can also be done through a phone call to any of the Amer centres; with all the details of the resident’s identification including but not limited to; Emirates iD number and passport number.

If you are facing a possible travel ban, you can also employ a lawyer to undertake a comprehensive check on your behalf.

If an arrest warrant is likely to be issued against you, this is the most effective option.

If you require any further information or assistance regarding travel bans, please feel free to reach out to us.


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