Rental issues The lease is the basis for regulating relations between owners and tenants, which ensures a healthy, conflict-free environment in which the rights and duties of both parties are regulated. The lease is one of the most important and dangerous legal contracts (rental cases). No citizen or resident of the Emirates is free from association with the lease. United Arab Emirates law defines a lease as a contract in which the owner gives the lessee the right to use something for a specified period of time at a wage agreed by the parties. Despite the importance and impact of lease clauses on the legal future of the owner and lessee, many people are unaware of the types of rental contracts and the legal details associated with them. Some also use incomplete leases that do not follow the proper legal model. This leads to many rental cases and other legal problems and rental disputes. These problems may evolve into courtrooms. Given the importance of rental issues and the safety of sectors of society, going to a law firm specializing in rental issues and considering their issues is necessary to ensure the operation of rental agreements and avoid any rental

Rental issues

Specialists in all Rental issues, including:

Settlement of rental disputes :-

We specialize in the law firm of Yacoub Al-Mazmy and Farj Allah Legal Consulting in resolving disputes between owners and tenants. We offer many legal solutions that facilitate business procedures and relationships, provide legal advice and resolve disputes amicably in a way that ensures that all parties have full access to rights and that these crises end satisfactorily. In the case of recourse to the courts, we ensure that the shortest legal way is to get our clients to the best solutions, win those kinds of rental cases as quickly as possible and save our clients time and effort. We are the surest and most capable of providing assistance and the best solutions to rental disputes and all related cases.

Tax cases :-

One of the necessary things that you have to know about when renting a property or facility is the tax code and all the ways to ensure that there’s no obstruction of tax issues. In our office, we provide services in all areas of tax law, whether real estate taxes, value-added tax, corporate taxes, transitional tax, income tax, tourist utility taxes and transitional tax. Specializing in tax issues is part of our office’s activity. Our lawyers with legal expertise develop strategies that help you maintain your legal interests, avoid tax problems, and provide legal aid when you are in any of them.

Formulation and follow-up of lease contracts :

The written formulation of leases requires a number of legal controls to ensure that both the owner and the lessee have the rights and duties guaranteed by United Arab Emirates law. The absence of a legal body with knowledge and experience of how leases operate and their terms may expose you to blackmail or to falling into rental cases. At Yaqoub Almazmy law firm and Farj Allah Legal Consulting, we offer our clients full knowledge in drafting lease clauses. The lawyers of El Mazmy have a legal study of all types of contracts and the issues of rental issues and their consequences, and we continue to keep track of the operation of these contracts and always on the side of our clients if there is disruption or damage in the future. We guarantee your rights and comfort during your rental journey and legally facilitate those routes for you.

Conflicts between owners and tenants are a phenomenon that affects aspects of society. It’s causing damage to the real estate market and the economy of the country as a whole. A healthy rental market has a good impact on the booming business and economic market. The State sees the importance of rental transactions, so there is a Rental Dispute Resolution Center in Dubai. It is a judicial system that considers rental and land disputes and develops a mechanism of procedures that work to solve problems between owners and tenants in order to stabilize society and increase economic leadership. Our motto in the Yaqoub AlmazmغLaw Firm and Fargallah Legal Consulting Office is to contribute to the creation of this social stability and economic leadership by addressing all aspects of rental issues and providing our clients with the best legal solutions in all aspects. We aim to create a rental environment that is dominated by legal knowledge and covered by rights and duties.

Rental issues

To ensure your full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer who specializes in Rental issues:

1-Comprehensive legal study with in-depth expertise in all terms and types of leases and skills in written drafting of contracts and related issues.

2-Access to all rental and tax cases of all kinds, and good representation of clients in the courts, and provision of all relevant information and solutions.

3-Resolution of rental disputes, provision of legal advice, finding amicable ways of resolving disputes, reassuring the parties to the conflict and finding solutions in a timely and smooth manner.

Rental issues are a vast sea in which, if you fall victim, you need a strong hand and support that takes you through to a safe land. At Yaacoub Almaazmi’s law firm and Farghalla Legal Consulting we are this hand that brings you to safety with the most successful legal solutions.

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