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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), criminal law is a comprehensive legal framework that defines offences, prescribes penalties, and outlines the procedures for investigating and adjudicating criminal cases. The UAE legal system is based on a combination of Islamic law (Sharia) principles and civil law statutes. Criminal offences can range from minor infractions to serious felonies, with penalties varying based on the severity of the crime.

Criminal Law issues include:

Financial Crimes:

Such as fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Drug Offences:

Involving the possession, trafficking, or distribution of illegal substances.

Assault and Violence:

Cases related to physical harm or threats against individuals.

Theft and Robbery:

Involving the unlawful taking of property with or without force.


Offences related to computer systems, data breaches, or online fraud.

White-Collar Crimes:

Including corruption, bribery, and other non-violent offences typically committed by professionals or public officials.

How Yaqoub Almaazmi Advocates & Faragallah Legal Consultancy Can Help: 

At Yaqoub Almaazmi Advocates and Farag Allah Legal Consultancy, our experienced criminal law team is dedicated to providing robust legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges in all UAE emirates and courts. Here’s how we can assist you: 

  • Legal Consultation and Advice: We offer comprehensive legal consultations to assess your situation and provide tailored advice based on UAE criminal law. 
  • Defence Representation: Our firm is equipped to represent individuals in all stages of criminal proceedings, from investigation to trial. We build strategic defence cases to protect your rights and interests. 
  • Negotiation and Settlement: In some cases, negotiation and settlement may be possible. Our skilled negotiators work to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 
  • Case Analysis and Strategy: We conduct thorough case analysis, examining evidence and developing effective legal strategies to address the specific charges faced by our clients. 
  • Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief: If a conviction occurs, we explore avenues for appeals and post-conviction relief, seeking to mitigate sentences or overturn convictions when appropriate. 

Our commitment extends beyond legal representation; we strive to guide and support our clients through what can be a challenging legal process, ensuring their rights are upheld and their interests are vigorously defended. 

If you are facing criminal charges in the UAE, CONTACT US NOW for steadfast legal support and a committed defence tailored to your specific case. 

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