We all agree that the family is the basic building block of any society and its original pillar and pillar. Its pillars are based on its main elements, namely the husband, wife and children. Achieving the stability of this core entity is in no way separated from the stability, happiness and security of society as a whole, as family disturbances destabilize societal peace and affect the pace of production and the wheel of the economy.

Legislative authorities and those in charge of enacting laws are aware of this profound impact on society, positively or negatively, so the legislative and legal frameworks keep pace with the aspirations and aspirations of members of society and the pace of development it is witnessing, to determine the relationship between these concerned parties in the event of a conflict for any reason. We at Yaqoub Al Mazmi Law Firm and Faraj Allah Legal Consultations specialize in personal status cases of all kinds, and we are concerned with all family-related cases, such as settling family disputes such as divorce, khul’, alimony, custody, inheritance, and others, with confidentiality and privacy. We provide you with a personal status lawyer who accompanies you throughout the litigation stages until the end, so that you have a guide and an honest advisor to help you fight this battle smoothly and smoothly.

The personal status attorney handles all types of personal status cases on your behalf, including parentage, custody and vision cases for children and all kinds of expenses, whether marital alimony, pleasure, nursery fee, breast-feeding fee, child support, food, clothing, housing and treatment, maternity alimony, maid’s wages, kit and others.

The personal status lawyer is also concerned with issues of enforcement of judgments, travel permits, educational jurisdiction, issues of protecting family members from violence and physical and psychological abuse, and others.

We have extensive experience in other criminal cases related to family disputes, such as cases of abuse by one of the spouses, many of which have led to results for the benefit of our clients, at the hands of an efficient team of our experienced personal status lawyers, in addition to wills, endowments and inheritance cases.