Personal status issues are important laws linking the most important entities of society as well as defining relationships and dealings between family members, which in turn reflect on the prosperity and stability of society. Personal status issues cover several aspects, most notably: women’s issues and provisions relating to marriage, divorce and other aspects. The law of the United Arab Emirates provides for many laws that clarify the origins of engagement in cases of betrothal, marriage, consideration of the future of children and the rights of women after divorce, believing in the importance of this entity, on which the stability of an entire society is based. Protecting the stability of the family is the guarantee of creating a healthy generation that benefits the State. Personal status issues are sensitive issues that affect the family and sometimes cause stress and anxiety in people, so we offer you in our office a professional team of lawyers and legal advisers specializing in personal status issues with expertise that you deserve to trust, preserve your privacy, reach you for the best and fastest solutions that move you to a new phase in your life

Personal status issues

Specialists in all Personal status issues, which include:

Provisions on marriage:

Consideration of marriage contracts and their terms, marriage contracts and personal status issues for non-Muslims and foreigners. Provisions concerning the granting of marriage and the dissolution of marriage, which guarantee the rights of women and men, as well as legal advice in cases of betrothal requiring judicial authorization, such as cases of poor age or lack of dowry, other legal consultations and all other provisions concerning marriage.

Divorce proceedings :

Trial advocacy to all divorce cases and different situations , and women’s cases related to divorce cases. Divorce involves many circumstances and circumstances that vary from case to case, and therefore a lawyer specialized in personal status cases must be used to deal with the case and present a compatible solution to the case in order to guarantee rights. Divorces include ex post facto divorce, which only ends with the expiration of the kit, and an ex post facto divorce and related provisions. Consideration is also given to divorce cases related to injury. Complete all proceedings after the divorce judgment and the resulting rules

Khul` divorce case:

Issues of proof of khul , women’s issues, legal requirements for proof of the validity of the khul , and cases associated with full capacity. To provide the required documentation, as well as legal advice to our Office in cases, to write notes of separation, to explain the reasons and to file cases in the courts. In the absence of proof of injury, cases of Khul`should also be considered, the procedures for Khul of arrivals shall be taken over and the transactions and laws associated with such arrivals shall be clarified.

Claims for proof of descent, proof of succession, wills and liquidation of estates:

Evidence of birth descent is an important part of family cases, provisions, and suits of slander related to the banishment or proof of descent. Provisions for the execution of wills and related rights. The provisions of the heirs and wills if the recommended person is a minor, a fetus, or a person is confined to him or her, and the deaths of the recommended person. Claims of invalidity of the will, custody and other provisions. procedures for the liquidation of estates, settlement of disputes over estate debts, division of estates and receipt of funds.

Marital alimony cases:

Cases related to types of alimony are important women’s cases , which in turn have a significant impact on family and child aspects. They include all types of alimony, cases where the wife is pregnant or not, alimony of the children and their financial benefits to the father and foster home, alimony of relatives and their inheritance shares. Proceedings relating to the termination of marital alimony.

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Personal status issues are family issues that require a specialist in such matters and legal advice with expertise in family issues. Our primary objective in the law firm of Yaquob Almazmy and Faraj Allah Legal Consulting is to provide a special service to our clients. We offer our help in case there’s a personal status case for you to know your rights and duties. We provide you with the best legal advice if you’re having a problem with marriage, divorce, alimony , custody, etc., or if you’re looking for a consultation or need a faction opinion based on valid and legal grounds, we, along with you, enjoy and support you at all stages before and after reaching the court.The beginning of the road begins with hiring lawyers with extensive experience and a good reputation for lobbying and consulting on personal status issues. That’s what involved finding him in our office. We save your energy and effort and we seek the best solutions and results.

To ensure your full rights, we remind you of the criteria for choosing a Personal status issues :

1- Legal Experience in all aspects of the personal status law and knowledge of various cases of personal status issues.

2- senior professional in the provision of legal advice and all information of family issues.

3- Moral support that removes tension and supports you all the way to winning cases.

If you are having a problem with personal status issues, Yaqoub Al Mazmi law firm and faraj Allah for legal consultation is your ideal destination, where experience, support and advice lead you to win your case and get your full rights.

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