Al Mazmy

Our Team

Walid FaragAllah

(Managing partner)

With extensive experience as legal counsel, Waleed holds a Ph.D. in Civil Law and is a member of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, Dubai Legal Affairs, and DIFC Lawyers. Fluent in both Arabic and English.

Yaqoob mohammed almaazmi

(Founding Partner)

A seasoned advocate in UAE Courts (AD, Dubai, Sharjah, etc.), Yaqoub has served in the armed forces for several years. Proficient in Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu.

Abdullah Almaazmi

(Local Lawyer)

A local lawyer with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Sharjah University (UAE), is proficient in two languages, English and Arabic.

Reem Hassan Alfuqaei

(Local Lawyer)

A local lawyer with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Al-Falah University (UAE), is proficient in two languages, English and Arabic.

Mahmoud Ragab

(Legal Counsel)

Holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Cairo University & a diploma in Private Law and professional cooperate Law, as well as a master’s degree in international commercial Law. Mahmoud have 4 years’ experience in litigation & contracting & cooperate Law. Mahmoud speaks two languages (English & Arabic).


(Legal Counsel)

Ms. Baraah holds a bachelor’s in political science from Damascus university, she is a highly professional assistant who handles both legal affairs and administrative tasks of the law firm and assists all the lawyers in their respective case proceedings.

Deena Alnajjar

(Legal Associate)

She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from London, United Kingdom,
having 2 years’ experience in handling legal matters. Deena speaks two languages (British English & Arabic).

Zubiah Farooqi

(Legal Associate)

Zubiah holds an LLM in Comparative Commercial Law, adeptly navigates diverse legal realms and offers strategic counsel in Arabic, English and Urdu. Her commitment to excellence and passion for contributing to the intersection of law and business.

Ramisa Shahab

(Legal Associate)

Ramisa holds an LLB Degree from the University of London and an LLM Degree from the University of Birmingham, Specializing in International Commercial Law. She speaks four languages (British English, Bangla, Hind, and Urdu).


(Administrative Assistant)

Jerein supports and liaises with our clients on administrative matters. She also supports the Management and Litigation Departments to ensure superior quality of service is provided to our clients.

Ali Almaazmi

(Legal Admin)

Holds a Bachelor’s degree from Sharjah University (UAE), is proficient in two languages, English and Arabic.

Omar Meshref


Omar seamlessly combines over 12 years of extensive experience in both Egypt and the UAE. His proven track record extends to strategic financial management, operational excellence, business development, and marketing, showcasing his versatility in driving comprehensive business success.



Proven professional adept in Public Relation Services, leveraging expertise to drive results and achieve excellence. A strategic problem-solver committed to delivering high-quality solutions and contributing to organizational success.


(IT Administrator)

Has a diverse background in both legal and corporate settings, providing strategic oversight of the organization’s IT activities.


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