We mean all family related cases,

Covers all labor issues such as employee rights, employment contracts,

Guardianship over minors, guardianship, guardianship over money, and guardianship over oneself

Such as the cyber crime law, or any other laws

Including filing real estate lawsuits, real estate seizures, resolving mortgaged sales disputes,

We are committed to provide innovative legal solutions

These are those related to settling rental disputes, and following up on files with dispute committees, whether tax or insurance.

Concerning checks and commercial contracts and related performance orders or precautionary attachments, including sales and purchase contracts, import and export, transport and brokerage.

Arbitration in arbitration centers in the country (Abu Dhabi – Dubai – and the financial center), and the pre-arrival stage for trials to resolve disputes, and work to find alternative friendly solutions.

Including compensation issues, debt collection, contract termination and others. and insurance issues

Everything related to preserving the rights of creative intellectual production, transferring ownership, drafting commercial agency agreements, and coordinating the registration of various programs.