Commercial cases

This involves any legal action taken involving a corporate party. This includes anything from employment issues and contract disputes to major cases between large international companies.

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Personal Affairs Cases

Personal status issues are important laws linking the most important entities of society as well as defining relationships and dealings between family members.

Labor Cases

Labor Cases in The United Arab Emirates are concerned with the rights of foreign workers.

Labor Cases

Financial Cases

This involves cases relating to financial crimes, travel bans, and other monetary-related situations.

Criminal Cases

This involves a broad area of law covering issues such as crimes against a person, white-collar crimes, non-violent crimes, and crimes against property.

Real Estate Cases

Real Estate Cases in The United Arab Emirates is concerned with the real estate market and guarantees transactions.

Intellectual Property and Trademark Cases

This refers to the protection of the creations of the mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, and symbols.

Civil Cases

Civil cases are one of the most important branches of private law, representing the course of transactions between individuals in all segments of society.

Arbitration cases

The United Arab Emirates is one the first countries to be interested in keeping pace with developments in various fields of arbitration and mediation.