Labor Cases in The United Arab Emirates are concerned with the rights of foreign workers, which is why the State has always sought to provide the best services through the continuous development of labor laws. With the change and modernization of many employment laws, workers are increasingly willing to know their rights and how to protect them. Labor laws cover many aspects governing employers, with many articles on labor, workers’ and employees’ rights, labor dispute resolution, wage protection, and others. All these aspects must therefore be known to ensure a healthy working environment, which benefits both sides. This requires the use of a lawyer who specializes in labor and workers’ issues and makes known the types of employment contracts, whether fixed or indefinite. We at  Yaquob Almaazmi advocates & Faragallah Legal Consultancy is working to create a professional working environment by promoting the rights of employees and employers, providing legal advice to workers, and representing them on labor and workers’ issues.

Labor Cases

Specialists in all Labor Cases, which include:

Examining and drafting of employment contracts:

Our team of lawyers has considerable knowledge and experience in Examining and drafting of employment contracts, be they fixed-term employment contracts, which are linked to the dates of commencement and termination of employment, and the duration of contracts has become two years renewable rather than 4 years in accordance with recent amendments to the State’s labor laws. Indefinite employment contracts not linked to an expiration date. Our team also provides you with advice and support in the event that either partially fails to comply with the terms of the contract and to obtain the rights of the injured.

Resolving labor problems and disputes:

We seek to settle labor disputes amicably in accordance with the United Arab Emirates Labor Code, which provides that: If there is a dispute between the employer and the employee, he has the right to apply to the competent labor service for resolution of the dispute. He also has the right to judicial asylum in case of non-amicable settlement. Here comes our role in representing clients on labor and workers’ issues and obtaining their rights and any compensation due. Conflict methods and associated procedures may seem very complex, but those procedures are simplified within our Office.

Protecting the rights of employees:

One of the goals we have been working on continuously is to educate employment and raise awareness of workers’ rights and duties as a result of any of the situations experienced in the working environment. The rights associated with health insurance and treatment at the expense of the company in case of injury at work. Protection from unsafe employment offices that exploit employees and prosecute any of them in the event of an installation. There are rights for trainees and the payment of wages due to them. work injury-related deaths and compensation procedures.

Rights of foreign employment:

Foreign labor accounts for a large part of the labor capacity of the United Arab Emirates. The State shall establish rights for incoming workers and provide them with amenities and safety. We are interested in providing legal advice and informing foreign workers of the official labor conventions that regulate their rights, the system of protection of wages, the security of working conditions, the introduction of approved employment contracts, judicial redress in cases of labor disputes and any labor and workers’ cases and the protection against exploitation.

Abolition of employment contracts:

Termination of an employment contract without notice of avoidance, including cases in which the employer terminates the contract for a number of reasons that have affected the labor system, such as: The employee provided false documents or certificates, violated instructions and caused material losses, assaulted the employer and other cases that sometimes required judicial intervention. On the other hand, termination of the employment contract on the one hand, in case of non-obligation to pay wages, and cases of injury to the employee. Damages for arbitrary dismissal and avoidance of contract prior to termination or denial of end-of-service remuneration or any of the rights guaranteed to the employee by law.
Labor Cases

As a member or owner of the employment system, knowledge of the basics, legal regulations and regulations governing the members of your organization is the basis for a successful and evolving work environment. It is therefore necessary to approach a lawyer specializing in labor and workers’ cases to find out what laws and provisions are in place and, if any, if any changes are made in the future. We’re giving you those regulations and the basics that you need and that are going their way without even going to court. If your system or individual is facing problems that require judicial intervention, we’re taking you through the shortest and safest way to your rights without any damage.

To ensure that you have full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer who specializes in Labor Cases :

1-Experience and competence in the provision of all legal advice and services on all types of labor and workers’ issues.

2-Specialized in the resolution of disputes between workers and employers and contract management, providing legal advice and dealing with termination cases.

3- Good management and follow-up of all necessary actions with regard to matters and labor controls.

All this and more is provided to you by the Yaqoub Almaazmi Advocates, where lawyers prepare and study well the issues of work, workers, employment contracts and the rights and duties guaranteed to both parties.

Solve all the issues and problems you face as a worker or as an employer who seeks to find the best solutions and maintain a professional working environment. Our office is your way to that.

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