Intellectual Property and Trademark Cases The United Arab Emirates believes in the importance of enriching creative thinking, disseminating the creations of the human mind and encouraging the generation of special ideas that benefit the business community and contribute to the prosperity of the economy. Intellectual property refers to the production of an innovative set of diverse artistic ideas, designs and slogans that grow a range of new intellectual goods in various industrial, commercial, literary and other fields. The United Arab Emirates market is crowded with many diverse commercial activities, which require legal rules to ensure that there are no violations of intellectual property rights. United Arab Emirates law grants protection to owners of intellectual property and the preservation of patent rights to inventions and trademarks against intellectual property and trademark issues. United Arab Emirates law gives the right to owners, creative thinkers and scientific inventions to prosecute those who violate individual trademark rights and prevent the disposition of their intellectual property without prior authorization. Intellectual property and trademark issues have become one of the big issues in the Emirates. We at Yaqoub Almazmy law firm and Farj Allah Legal Consulting are keen to protect your creative business rights against any kind of abuse or theft, save your intellectual rights and help you make a profit from them.

Intellectual Property Cases

Specialists in all Intellectual Property and Trademark Cases, including:

Trademark Registration :

The first step in demonstrating your intellectual creativity and belonging to you as a private property is to legally register your trademark, ensuring that you have all the rights that you maintain and the right to dispose of. There are criteria to be taken for trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates, and there are signs that cannot be registered because they have lost many important qualities and features that are essential for the successful registration process. At the law firm of Yaqoub Almazmy and Farj Allah Legal Consulting, we provide you with the necessary legal advice and knowledge of all the documents and documents necessary to register the trademark. Restricting a brand requires many fees and procedures that we limit to you in our office and take over all the procedures for licensing your brand and confirming its market presence.

Preservation of intellectual property rights :

Intellectual property is all the literary and artistic work, inventions, industrial models and unique trademarks produced by human thought. To protect intellectual property rights like other rights that give the intellectual owner the right to benefit from his or her work and to prevent its exploitation or infringement by others. In our office, we have extensive technology competence and expertise in controlling your trademarks and protecting your company from any intellectual infringement or interference with intellectual property and trademark issues. Stealing your brand could do you a great deal of harm as it touches your company’s reputation and business. In our office, we offer you legal advice on all matters relating to brand registration, maintaining its continuity and ensuring greater commercial success. in addition to intellectual and commercial property transfer services and all conditions and requirements for the lawful transfer of their rights from one owner to another. Our intellectual property and trademark lawyers will take all necessary legal measures to protect your creative business and trademark property rights against any violations that may affect the course of your business success.

drafting trade agency agreements:

Precision in the formulation of trade agency contracts and agreements is the basis for the continued success and evolution of commercial relationships and transactions. Given the growing industry and commercial activities in the State, it has become necessary to ensure that commercial agency agreements are drafted in a proper legal manner and only specialized lawyers can assist you in concluding these contracts and protect your activity under the law. In our office specializing in intellectual property and trademark issues, we give you all the services for drafting trade agency agreements, which include: Formulation and revision of commercial contracts and agreements, analysis of terms and conditions, contract negotiation services and work strategy consultations. Our legal experts help you choose contracts and commercial agreements that help you achieve your goals and best results as soon as possible.

Infringement of intellectual property rights and violation of the privacy of your creative borders is a criminal act as serious as physical theft. In today’s times, with technological development and the proliferation of digital markets, it has become easier to steal ideas and literary works and exploit commercial identity by anyone. These violations cause significant material and moral losses to their original owners and companies in the commercial market, affecting the sales curve and impeding the movement of their success. In the law firm of Yaqoub Almazmi and Farjallah Legal Consulting, we realize how important it is to generate ideas and inventions in various spheres of life and to contribute to economic growth. We are therefore interested in providing you with all the legal information and methods for preserving intellectual production rights and intellectual property transfer services, drafting trade agency agreements and pursuing all intellectual property and trademark issues. We seek to create a world of innovation and to eliminate any violations of intellectual rights that may distort this creative world.

Intellectual Property and Trademark Cases

To ensure that you have full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and trademark cases:

1-Practical efficiency, systematic legal basis, provision of all legal advice on intellectual property rights, ways of transfer of intellectual property and all necessary procedures to register and protect a trademark against violations.

2-Extensive legal experience in representing clients in intellectual property and trademark issues, maintaining the continuity of trademarks and ensuring their success against attempts at imitation and exploitation.

3-Formulation of trade agency contracts and agreements in accordance with legal regulations, provision of legal advice and follow-up of all related procedures.

Today you can monitor your brand and protect its rights against any violations, which may cause negative losses and consequences affecting your literary work and business activity through our distinguished team of lawyers and legal advisers specializing in intellectual property and trademark issues, where we work to protect your interests and take all necessary action to return your rights.

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