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 Yaqoub Al Mazmy Advocates Faragallah Legal Consultancy is one of the leading financial law firms in UAE. With over a decade of experience in providing unparalleled legal insight and defending complex matters, we have earned our current reputation as one of the premier legal consultancies in the region. 

Our attorneys specialize in advising on banking, insurance, investments, corporate and commercial legal issues as well as maritime law and provide knowledgeable representation for clients. As specialists in our field, Yaqoub Al Mazmy advocates remain up to date with industry-specific regulations and provide sound advice with state-of-the-art technology. Our clients can be assured that they are receiving top-notch financial service law solutions from an experienced firm that stands at their side every step of their journey. 

Trusted financial services lawyer protects clients’ interests in financial transactions

We strive to provide the best legal counsel, advocacy and representation for matters in banking and finance, energy, maritime law and general business transactions. Our team of financial services lawyer have extensive knowledge in both regional and international law which ensures clients receive comprehensive advice tailored to their specific needs. 

We are committed to delivering exceptional service that our clients can count on every time. We understand that each client’s situation is unique, so we make sure to take a personal approach when it comes to providing legal assistance. From start-ups to established corporations, Yaqoub Al Mazmy Advocates Faragallah Legal Consultancy has provided sound legal insight for all types of businesses in the UAE. With an unparalleled commitment to quality work and client satisfaction, we, as one of the top financial law firms in the UAE, guarantee that you can trust us to provide the best legal services for your particular needs. 

Financial Legal Cases One of the most important financial markets in the world is the Emirates financial market, which is rich in many financial services and investments. This huge market connects its sides with laws (issues of money conditions) and organized financial rules that contribute to the foundation of the national economy. The financial markets within the UAE enjoy a large and developed banking market which works to promote the growth of businesses and companies and increase economic growth. These markets and their links to financial transactions require extensive legal expertise in financial laws. in addition to the provisions on jurisdiction over money, in addition to the provisions on jurisdiction over money, jurisdiction over minors and other provisions and cases concerning the condition of money. This expertise is available at the law firm of Yaqoub Al Mazmi Law Firm and Faraj Allah Legal Consultations, where we provide legal advice in various banking cases, financial conditions issues and various branches of financial sector services. 

Financial Legal Cases

With an excellent reputation amongst the best financial services law firms in the UAE, we specialize in: 

Banking Disputes

Representing clients cases of banking disputes between credit institutions and customers, bank account disputes, bank loans, where we provide our customers with a summary of all banking provisions and legislation and help with their banking transactions. settlement of non-performing debts, settlement of non-performing debts, in-depth study of issues of financial hardship and litigation and termination of bank loans and transactions. Representing clients legally in bank and bank crime cases and finding short and successful solutions . We specialize in the revision and delivery of bank documents, letters of guarantee, advice and guidance on loan terms and all bank and credit contracts. Yaqoub Al Mazmi and Faraj Allah Legal Consulting Law Firm has experience in debt settlement and legal advice in the collection and resolution of outstanding debts.

Consolidation and acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are essential to corporate growth, providing liquidity and increasing their competitive position. Consolidation is the entry of a company into another entity where its legal entity into the other merged with it is removed. The concept of corporate acquisition is the complete financial and administrative control of the activity of another company by purchasing all or a proportion of the shares.
Merger and acquisition contract strategies require legal expertise and a law firm to work in these cases.At Yaqoub Al Mazmi and Faraj Allah Legal Consultations Law Firm, we provide full support and guidance in inter-firm mergers and acquisitions, formulate and review contracts and support agreements for SMEs in banking services and prepare financing options for projects.

Guardianship issues over money :

The United Arab Emirates law sets out provisions guaranteeing financial rights and how to dispose of the property of a minor and explains the terms of jurisdiction over the property. To prevent the disposition or trade of his or her property or the disposition of any property belonging to the minor without the authorization of the court. The law gives guardianship to the father or grandfather. It is divided into two sections : guardianship over oneself and guardianship over money. In the event that jurisdiction is given to another person, the terms of guardianship are applied, and are limited to guardianship over property approved by law. At Yaqoub Al Mazmi Law Firm and Faraj Allah Legal Consulting, we provide all legal advice and solutions associated with the disposition of cases of jurisdiction over money and any damage or unlawful conduct such as borrowing from him without the knowledge of the court and other judgements. We keep in mind the interests of the minor and the amicable resolution of any disputes, in the event of judicial recourse, we make the best choice to represent our clients and to obtain all their rights.

Guardianship issues for incompetents :

United Arab Emirates law regulates provisions relating to the disqualified and upholds their interests and rights. UAE law defines a trustee as a deputy lawmaker who is responsible for the interests of the detainee and the management of his property. We argue in the cases of wardship and quarry, where the Court establishes conditions for the stone to be lifted in such cases. in addition to providing legal advice in such cases, procedures and legal requirements in cases of wardship’s financial conditions.
Financial Legal Cases

At Yaqoub Al Mazmi and Farag Allah Legal Consultations Law Firm, we provide the best legal banking services and solutions to various cases of money conditions. Our lawyers study every banking case and all legal procedures are constantly monitored, which makes us the best choice in representing our clients in the courts in various cases of financial conditions and in reaching solutions in a short time with a professional team in the provision of legal financial services. In addition, we provide you with banking advice and guidance for various businesses and investment companies outside the courts, dealing and guidance in the provisions of guardianship over money and guardianship over money and litigation in cases related to money conditions.

To ensure that you have your full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer who specializes in Financial Legal Case:

1-Extensive experience in all matters relating to financial conditions, financial law provisions and banking disputes.
2-Providing legal advice for all financial transactions of individuals or companies and banking transactions.
3-Good management, good professional reputation, and deep knowledge of all aspects of financial law and its updates.

Resorting to a lawyer who specializes in cases of financial conditions is very important before starting any financial activity to ensure your rights and avoid any financial manipulation and avoid falling into any financial problems.

At Yaqoub Al Mazmi and Faraj Allah Legal Consultations Law Firm, we provide you with the most skilled lawyers with international expertise, who work with high and sophisticated efforts to protect you and your financial benefits.

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