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Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Debt collection lawyers in Dubai have a thorough knowledge of the rules and laws governing debt collection as well as the regional business environment. In addition to ensuring that your actions conform with UAE debt collection regulations, they may offer you legal advice and direction on the best ways to recover the pending debts.

Lawyers specializing in debt collection can help guide you through the frequently difficult and complicated process of debt collection, from the initial demand letters and negotiations through potential legal action. In addition to ensuring that your legal rights are upheld during the debt collection process, they can further represent you in court.

The process of seeking the payment of overdue debts owed by individuals and businesses to creditors or lenders in the United Arab Emirates is known as debt collection in the UAE. In the UAE, debt collection is a crucial practice since it ensures that people and businesses may recover the money they have lent or provided credit for. The UAE Civil Code, the UAE Business Transactions Law, and the UAE Penal Code are just a few of the local laws and regulations that must be followed when collecting debt in the UAE.

Our team of expert lawyers can help you recover your pending debts in situations where;

  • The debtor is unresponsive: whereby the debtor does not respond to any of your attempts to collect the debt.
  • The debtor contests the debt: In such cases, we can assist you in compiling proof to back up your claim and protect your rights if the debtor contests the dues or asserts that they do not owe you any money.
  • The debt is substantial: it could be beneficial to have a specialised lawyer helping you recover the money if the debt is large.
  • If and/or when the legal system is unfamiliar to you: having an expert lawyer in this regards can help you avoid detrimental mistakes and defend your rights if you are inexperienced with the legal system in general or the debt collection procedure in the UAE.


At Yaqoub Almaazmi Advocates and Faragallah Legal Consultancy, one of the best law firms in Dubai specialising in this area of law, one of our primary areas of focus is the collection of commercial debt and the protection of creditors’ interests. Our team at Yaqoub Almaazmi Advocates, which consists of highly qualified legal experts and local advocates, uses a variety of strategies for your debt collection in the UAE, depending on the circumstances. We decide the debt collection strategies to employ after carefully examining the facts, conditions, and needs of each case.


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