Commercial cases market in the United States of Emirates is the most important yet prosperous in the world. It is the main engine of the country. Commercial transactions take up a large amount of economic structure and investment activity .This Environment is rapidly evolving and is replete with many interests ,Businesses and services that Require legal foundations that stabilize and develop this environment. Commercial transaction law of the United States of Emirates sets out many provisions and legal text that protect companies rights, Commercial interest and Regulate transactions .Commercial cases are those actions whose parties aim to protect their financial rights ,commercial contracts ,sales and procurement contracts .With the increase of commercial interest and activities the need of a specialized lawyer in commercial cases increases .Our Experience and knowledge in commercial law make us pioneers in representing clients in commercial courts. A Lot of commercial companies that use our services are financially stable. We provide solutions and successful crisis management for different commercial crises.

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We are specialist in all commercial cases including :

Commercial services:

We offer at Al mazmy and Faraj Allah law firm different business services to all companies ,banks and other businesses ,which include: the establishment of domestic and foreign companies from scratch ,where companies go through a lot of legal proceedings that need lawyers specialized in commercial cases and services. Commercial registration opening services and commercial license and legal advice on steps to register businesses. Brand registration service in both the domestic and international markets and representing the company in registration procedures. Representing corporations in trademark mimicry or theft cases. Company’s liquidation and termination service .Our lawyers follow all legal procedures for the termination of companies in accordance with the commercial law.

Commercial contracts:

Drafting commercial contracts requires specialized writing and knowledge .It is important to protect the parties of the contracts rights to not fall into any misunderstanding.
Commercial contracts include: sales, procurement contracts ,supply and investment contract marketing and distribution contracts, import and export contracts, transporting and broking partnership contracts and mortgage contracts and other domestic and international commercial contracts. In Al mazmy and faraj Allah legal law firm we use professional legal writing in contract drafting and reviewing different types of commercial contracts. Our team of lawyers and legal consultants provides legal consultation and language rhetoric in drafting commercial conventions and commercial contracts that stabilize transactions between companies and individuals. having a specialized lawyer in commercial cases protects you from any complications or legal problems in the future.

Commercial disputes :

In our office we have specialists in resolving and settling commercial disputes between companies through our experience in commercial arbitration. We do trial advocacy in all commercial cases.

we provide our service in solving all types of settlement in commercial disputes , negotiating and getting the best deal for both parties. we consider all commercial cases, commercial papers disputes, bankruptcy and arbitration cases, Cases related to commercial contracts disputes such as ; sales contract and procurement contract, Intellectual property rights cases. Our goal in Yaqoub Almazamy and Faraj Allah law firm it to provide our clients with enough information about the case and the whole trial about defending them in front of the commercial court in both specialized courts of first instance and digital commercial courts. We seek to resolve disputes for the benefit of our clients.

Trade laws are the basis of company’s and commercial activities. which affect the economy of the states. starting these corporates or activities without complying with legal standards leads to obstruction and may cause to trade disputes and issues. To ensure the safety of your business activity and as you continue to succeed in the domestic or international market, there is a must to have a lawyer who specializes in commercial cases to handle it for you and puts your company interest and activities according to a valid strategic vision and solutions that preserve your success and protect the rights of your company.

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To ensure having your full rights ,We remind you of the criteria for choosing a specialized lawyer in commercial cases :-

1- legal expertise in all commercial fields and great management to provide the best legal solutions to the clients and continually informed with the updates and amendments of the commercial code.

2-specialized in all commercial cases relating to sales, purchase , bankruptcy and other actions, and representing clients in all commercial cases and disputes between companies or between traders and individuals.

3- Have integrity , confidentiality and protect their clients against any unlawful action that may be taken against them.

We learned in Yaqoub Almazmy for lawyering and faraj Allah for legal consulting with hundreds of commercial cases in front of all types of courts we have been able to achieve success and resolve various types of disputes before going to the court. we have a high level of legal expertise and knowledge team to stand by you in any consultations or cases related to commercial matters.

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Other services

Personal Affairs Cases

We mean all family related cases.

Arbitration Cases

Arbitration in arbitration centers in the country (Abu Dhabi – Dubai – and the financial center), and the pre-arrival stage for trials to resolve disputes, and work to find alternative friendly solutions.

Rental Cases

Concerning checks and commercial contracts and related performance orders or precautionary attachments, including sales and purchase contracts, import and export, transport and brokerage.

Real Estate Cases

Including filing real estate lawsuits, real estate seizures, resolving mortgaged sales disputes,