Navigate complex civil law cases with the help of trusted civil lawyers in Dubai, UAE 

Civil lawyers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) handle a wide range of legal issues involving individuals, businesses, and government entities. Some specific areas of practice for a civil lawyer in UAE might include: 

  • Commercial law: This involves representing businesses in legal matters related to contracts, business formation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and other commercial issues. 
  • Construction law: This involves representing parties involved in construction projects, including contractors, developers, and property owners, in matters such as contract disputes, construction defects, and payment issues. 
  • Employment law: This involves representing employees or employers in matters related to workplace issues, including employment contracts, discrimination, and labor disputes. 
  • Family law: This involves representing clients in legal matters related to family relationships, such as divorce, child custody, and alimony. 
  • Real estate law: This involves representing parties involved in real estate transactions, including buying, selling, leasing, and financing property. 
  • Tort law: This involves representing clients who have suffered harm due to the actions of another party, including personal injury, defamation, and product liability cases. 

Civil cases lawyers in the UAE may work in private practice, for a law firm, or for a government agency. They may also specialize in a particular area of civil law, such as commercial law or employment law. 

Place your trust in the top civil cases lawyers in Dubai 

At Yaqoub Al Mazmy Advocates Faragallah Legal Consultancy, we provide experienced and knowledgeable civil lawyers in Dubai who can help our clients resolve their legal matters. Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of civil law in the UAE, including commercial law, construction law, employment law, family law, real estate law, and tort law. We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each of our clients so that they receive the best possible outcome for their legal matters. Contact us today to find out how our civil lawyers in Dubai can help you with your civil legal needs. 

Civil Cases is the most important branch of private law, representing the course of transactions between individuals in all segments of society. It is the body of legal norms governing relations and establishing solutions to disputes that arise between them and can be resolved only in the courts. United Arab Emirates law has established many rules and standards that must be observed in civil cases. Accordingly, civil cases are defined as those which cause damage but are not so much as criminal cases. Civil cases cover several branches, such as compensation, financial claims, insurance, lease contract and debt collecting cases. 

Civil Cases

Civil cases shall not be filed before the courts until one of the parties has brought a case before the court,other than criminal cases brought before the courts and heard even if the victim has not decided to file the case. Civil provisions have a key role to play in maintaining the prosperity and stability of society and need to be informed about them and about the penalties provided for in the provisions of the law. At the law firm of Yaqoub Al Mazmi and Farjallah Legal Consulting, we offer legal advice on all matters of civil law. We also take the lead, represent clients in civil cases and take the best legal measures as soon as possible. 

As a leading team of civil lawyer in UAE, we specialize in: 

Compensation cases: 

The Code of Civil Transactions of the United Arab Emirates sets out the foundations and principles for the protection of the moral and material aspects of individuals, avoiding any damage to them and the accountability of those responsible for damage. The law provides for the right of the injured person to claim and receive compensation. Compensation may be moral due to psychological harm caused by insult, hate incidents or people’s reputations. or compensation for material damage that causes damage to property and plant and that is physically estimated. Proving the damage before the court requires evidence and documentation to prove it and in some cases it is difficult to prove the damage. Your recourse to the law firm of Yaqoub Al mazmi and Farj allah Legal Consulting enables you to prove the harm done to you and obtain appropriate compensation and hold those responsible accountable. 

Debt collecting cases :

The delay or non-payment of debts causes financial disruption, affects the course of your business activity and may lead to many disputes. Debt collection requires many proper legal procedures to avoid greater risk.In order for debt to be collected safely and quickly, there must be a debt collection lawyer to ensure that you successfully receive your financial benefits. Our lawyers have many successful experiences in collecting all kinds of debt, whether outstanding, late or non-existent, and collecting the debt of companies and individuals. It also protects you from exposure to monuments by some debt collection offices. So many worrying and complicated things you might have to get your money back. Civil cases lawyers in Dubai from the law firm of Almazmi and Faraj allah Legal Consulting remove these failures and replace them with reassurance and confidence in successful solutions. 

Insurance cases: 

Insurance is now the way people face life risks. Many use insurance to preserve their lives and property, such as health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, fire insurance, occupational risk insurance, theft, property insurance, real estate and factories. In order for an individual to secure his or her life and property, he or she must obtain an insurance policy called an “insurance contract.” For his or her part, the person is obliged to pay his or her premiums and contributions to the insurance company. The State Insurance Authority regulates and oversees insurance services and a number of companies provide insurance services to their employees. We receive in our office all inquiries, insurance allegations, the drafting of insurance policy contracts and procedures for obtaining them. Our civil lawyers in Dubai also provide legal advice in matters related to insurance disputes through the most efficient lawyers specialized in insurance cases. 

Civil Cases

Civil provisions serve as the basic infrastructure of society, on the basis of which relations between individuals, some of them, and others are based. Knowledge of the rules and standards of civil procedure ensures that you protect and have full access to your rights. There are many tired aspects of civil cases that make it difficult for the author to find solutions to his problem, but to go to a civil lawyer in UAE who specializes in civil judgements, compensation cases, debt collection, contract issues, drafting and termination. The law firm saves you these efforts and keeps your time and waste your money in ways that might cause you more damage. Assures our clients of the fate of their dealings and the end of their troubled civil problems, as we always aspire to provide our clients with a safe and stable life. 

 To ensure that you have your full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer who specializes in civil cases: 

Experience and competence in the handling and prosecution of all types of civil cases, the resolution of all disputes related to compensation cases, the obtaining of best compensation and the resolution of non-performing debts 

Skills in drafting and reviewing civil contracts and ensuring that there are no gaps in contracts that may cause problems or conflicts 

Good skill in negotiating and finding solutions before going to court, following up on all proceedings and providing clients with all possible information, details and consultations. 

Our expertise at the Yaqoub Almazmi Law Firm and Faraj Allah Legal Consulting help us solve all civil cases. Our principle is to protect the rights of our clients in the most accurate and accessible way and to meet all their legal needs. If you have a civil judgment problem, our office gives you a solution. 

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