Arbitration cases The United Arab Emirates is one the first countries to be interested in keeping pace with developments in various fields. Progress in the current era has made the state more interested in establishing more legislation Easier outside the customary judicial framework.The state applied the system of domestic and international arbitration, which officially became the alternative way to resolve disputes without the need for judicial recourse. United Arabs Emirates federal law defines arbitration as the means by which disputes of two or more parties are separated by an arbitral tribunal composed of one or more individuals.

This is done by the agreement between the parties and the basis of means regulated by law.Arbitration shall apply to whatever is done within the state and its provisions shall apply in domestic arbitration cases. With the global trading market booming and business and investment growth between nations. International arbitration has become necessary to settle disputes and reach amicable solutions. Arbitration in state is used to resolve various types of disputes relating to investment and all commercial matters. Commercial arbitration graners the greatest attention for its important services that underpin the economy.We have a trained team with skills in Almazmy office for lawyering and farajallah for legal consultation in domestic and international arbitration, as well as years of experience in resolving legal disputes.

Arbitration cases

Specialists in all Arbitration cases that includes :

Arbitration in state Arbitration centers:

The United Arabs Emirates laws establish legal rules for arbitration conventions ,the most important one is the agreement of all parties to resort to arbitration. Law provides that an arbitration agreement must be written, Oral agreement is invalid. The conclusion of the agreement also requires that the agent performing the agreement have a special agency, Only the general agency is not sufficient. companies sometimes face difficulty writing the arbitration agreement and proceeding properly. We therefore advice corporate owners to use lawyers to conclude and draft arbitration agreements on their behalf in arbitration centres. We include in our office selected lawyers and legal advisers who have been involved in arbitration cases in several major arbitral institutions such as: Abu Dhabi Centre for Conciliation and Commercial Arbitration, Dubai Centre for International Arbitration (DIAC), Dubai World Financial Arbitration Centre – DIFC-LCIA, Sharjah Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, Islamic Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration (IICRA), Ras Al Khaimah Centre for Conciliation and Commercial Arbitration. Our Office also specializes in international arbitration under the leadership of a group of the most efficient lawyers in dispute resolution and finding fruitful solutions in arbitration cases.

Finding alternative amicable solution:

Amicable solutions are alternative ways of settling disputes and are seen as a better and quicker solution than going into court proceedings. It is short on time, and it preserves your privacy . Save your money, work on providing the fittest solutions in a direct way. A lot of foreign investors prefer to resort to arbitration to solve their disputes rather than courts avoiding wasting time in court proceedings, controversial laws, and court proceedings are conducted only in Arabic, which is difficult for foreign investors. In our office, we seek to build clear strategies for arbitration cases, to represent clients during settlement procedures and to save a lot of effort and time by helping them resolve disputes effectively and in a short time.

Resolution of disputes before going to courts:

In Yaqoub Almazmy and farj Allah consulting law firm , we are distinguished by the use of rapid legal methods in resolving disputes and considering arbitration cases. Arbitration is the best legal way to save time and effort. Your choice of arbitration gives you the freedom to choose the procedure of arbitration conventions, and arbitration ensures to keep your confidentiality . Arbitration is also the most appropriate and best way to resolve international trade disputes, freeing the parties from the restrictions imposed and giving them the freedom to choose legal rules and provisions.
These reasons lead the parties to resolve their international disputes using arbitration. In our office, we are doing a good study of the forward-looking situation, providing legal advice and support at all stages of arbitration, and ensuring that the procedures are in the best interest of our clients.

Arbitration cases

Cases and disputes, especially commercial disputes, takes difficult and complex curves in the courts of justice, and arbitration was a lifeline that saved a lot of time and effort for individuals, companies, and traders.The strategic position of the United Arab Emirates has also played a major role in making it one of the most important commercial centres in the world and a source of foreign investment. Here, it shows how important arbitration is in resolving commercial disputes, both domestic and international. Dubai is among the top 10 international arbitration centres worldwide. Arbitration is a satisfactory Way of resolving and settling disputes using amicable solutions that reflect progress between the parties. Your choice of lawyers and advisers to the Yaqoub Almazmi Law Firm and Farjallah Legal Consulting, which specialises in arbitration cases, ensures that you manage an arbitration process and monitor the proper operation of legal proceedings from the beginning to the end.

To ensure that you have full rights, we remind you of the criteria for selecting a lawyer who specializes in arbitration cases :-

1-Skills in negotiation, knowledge of different types and methods of negotiation, and maintenance of confidentiality and representation of clients in arbitration centres in the State.

2- providing consultation and facilitation of all actions taken in arbitration cases and legal knowledge of the arbitration aspects of the State in order to resolve disputes in amicable ways and solutions.

3-Experience in international arbitration and international commercial contract procedures and the easy resolution of disputes arising between them preserve the commercial interests of the parties.

We are always keen to provide at Yaqoub Almazmi Law Firm and Farjallah Legal Consulting, all the different and diverse services. Our services are not limited to the usual judicial methods, but follow modern methods in arbitration cases in the resolution of legal disputes. We’re always willing to provide any of these services to our clients with confidence and high quality.

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